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The Campus Collection

The Campus Collection

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Is there any phase of life more nomadic than the college years? Between home, dorms, classrooms, apartments and jobs, your student is never in one place for long and dependable luggage means a lot. The campus collection features products they'll rely on no matter where life takes them. With a timeless style and solid construction, these bags are built to last with room for a lifetime of memories.

Collection includes:

  • Aluminized Kevlar Zipper Bag ($28 when purchased separately)
  • Emerald Green Pencil Bag ($18 when purchased separately)
  • 3-Pack of Field Notes (not sold separately)
  • Custom Black & White Pennant (not sold separately)
  • W Durable Goods Branded Pencils (not sold separately)

Let us know your one-word pennant customization in the notes at checkout. Collection is only available while supplies last.

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