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Fringe Scarves

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Why We Love It

We’ve always liked vintage scarves but we never found one to match the weight and type of fabric and also the perfect size until we found Fringe Scarves. It’s a classic versatile designs with lasting looks and many different ways to wear it.





Size: 26" x 26"

Fabric : 

100% Satin Silk (Navy Concho, Otomi, Palo Duro, Mint and Stick Your Neck Out


Bandito Shorty scarves are a blend of mostly cotton, but enough silk to keep it sheer and lightweight and super-duper soft. The standard cotton bandana is 22"x22", they made them just a few more inches longer to have enough end to tie with a scarf slide.


Care Suggestion: Dry clean preferred. Iron on silk setting or use steamer.


1"x1" Fringe logo on center edge

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