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Model A Briefcase

Model A Briefcase

Regular price $360

The Model A briefcase is designed to be your ideal sidekick for years to come. Constructed from 30-ounce army surplus canvas and 9-ounce Wickett and Craig English bridle leather, this bag snugly holds a 13” laptop. It features two interior hanging pockets plus a back pocket secured with a heavy-duty snap. A removable leather shoulder strap is included.

The story

A few years ago, we found some odd-looking bags in an Army surplus store. As it turns out, these heavy canvas bags were made to lug around the bundles of 6-pound steel pins used to build the famous Bailey Bridges in WWII. Today, one Bailey bag makes one Model A Briefcase, and every bit of the old stitching and stamped lettering is authentic.

Never put into service, our Bailey bags were coated with an anti-rot treatment and carefully stored. This gives them a great, old Army-surplus-store smell, which we think adds a lot of authenticity. However, those with sensitive noses might not feel the same, so be forewarned.

Specs: 13.5 x 10.5 x 4 inches


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